Regulatory Oversight is Surging, Are You Ready?

Proven compliance solutions from regulatory experts tailored to fit your business:

  • Create or update standard operating procedures ensuring compliance and product excellence that include documented proof of compliance vs. laws and regulations at all levels;
  • Administer and maintain your entire compliance program by serving as your outsourced Compliance Officer;
  • Perform a "Gap Analysis" by auditing/inspecting your operations vs. laws and regulations and other standards, if applicable, such as ISOs, cGMP, US Hemp Authority Certifications, FDA, OSHA, etc;
  • Create remediation plans and ensure successful remediation for failed inspections, certifications or SOPs;
  • Develop or maintain a compliance testing program;
  • Prepare your organization to qualify for certifications; 
  • Conduct vendor/supply chain compliance due diligence for M&A, investors and risk assessment; and
  • Train employees through tailored programs. 

cannabis compliance

hemp and cannabis regulatory compliance

hemp and cannabis regulatory compliance

Compliance builds trust, comfort and confidence

Compliance should be an asset not a cost center. Customers, employees, investors and of course, local, state and federal regulators expect it. A compliance program should be an ongoing process and part of the fabric of the organization. It should include a values-based system for doing the right thing but not be disruptive. cannabis compliance

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We serve growers, processors/manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries, retailers, governments, vertically integrated multi-state and multi-national operators in both the legal marijuana and hemp industries. hemp compliance cannabis compliance

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Our added advantage is improving operations gained from insight during our compliance work and with a bottom line perspective.  Our track record was built over the last 21 years by providing and maintaining regulatory compliance programs, conducting compliance audits, and developing technology and operations efficiencies to 192 companies regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC itself and the Federal Reserve Bank. 


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